Our Dear Dalwood

Saying farewell to our beloved black Labrador, Dalwood was the most difficult experience my husband and I have ever endured. We wanted to be with him right to the very end so decided upon a private cremation at Gateway in Ottawa. We are forever thankful to Gateway and Jessica who were there for us all the way through and gave us the opportunity to see him one more time... a lasting memory forever in our hearts.

Ross/Szmidt, Aug 2018

Thank you

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care you gave to my baby girl Faith. You guys have shown caring and loving support in this time of sorrow. Thank you for all you have done it means the world to me, the urn is beautiful just like Faith was❤️❤️❤️❤️

Virginia Quackenbush, Aug 2018

Thank you

Thank you so much Gateway for the beautiful paw print you made when we lost our baby girl Phoenix (2011-2018) We lost her so sudden she was sick June 1 and we had to put her down in the 2nd. Aylmer Vet helped us decide her after care. We chose community cremation so she wouldn’t be alone. Your services are very affordable , we can look at her paw print and share her memory for years to come!! Thanks for the wonderful services you offer for our beloved pets!!
The Shearer family (Tillsonburg ON.)

Shearer, Jul 2018

Feisty Fiona only with our family for a short time never to be forgotten

Our little kitten Fiona was only with us for a short time.This little girl stole our hearts but she got sick with breathing problem and after the vets visit and medicine it wasn't meant to be guess they needed her at the Rainbow Bridge.I am so grateful for The Loyalist Vet office in Belleville for there help and compassion and making the arrangements it made a horrible time a little easier. Soon she will come home in her little pink urn and we can have closure

Brant, Jul 2018

Willie 2012-1018

Thank you so much for handling Willie with such integrity and respect. Even though, we didn't deal with you directly, but though our vet, you have returned Willie to us so quickly where he belongs. Willie left us so suddenly. He got sick on Sunday, we brought him to vet on Monday and he took his last breath on Wednesday. He was surrounded with all of us, in the comfort of his own home, in his own bed. Having his ashes back home means so much to us. We all miss him so much. After he had died and when left him at our vet's office returning home without him was unimaginable. But you guys took care of him with such a dignity. He's forever wrapped in the satin bag and carefully put in a cherry box. Thank you so much for this. We loved Willie so much. He was part of our family for so long. And even though, we couldn't save him, you forever engraved him .

Emma, Jul 2018

Thank you Gateway for touching our hearts-Oscar 2003-2018

Thank you Gateway for once again giving us a beautiful memorial to our beloved Oscar. You gave our much loved Felix a beautiful memorial in 2009 and again today I picked up his brother Oscar and was reduced to grateful tears when I saw how you presented his beautiful urn and the INCREDIBLY realistic paw prints. It gave our broken hearts such peace-thank you.

Chris & Lisa Ambrose, Jul 2018

Oreo hoyle

I just wanted to say thank you for being there for my sweet baby boy Oreo. I just can't wait for him to come back home to his wonderful family life won't be the same around our place. We really miss our sweet baby boy Oreo.
R. I. P. Oreo Hoyle
P. S. Mommy and family loves you and misses you very much xoxoxoxo
2016 - 2018

Edith hoyle, Jun 2018

Midge 2000 – 2018

Although I didnt deal with Gateway personally , I was able to find a vet that did.
I got Midge in my grade 10 year of highschool. She and her brother Morty that is now 19 were inseparable . She provided companionship and comfort.
On the morning of May 23rd I started my morning as i do every morning, got up went and fed the pups and then the cats. She looked at me with the beautiful eyes that she had as I pet her she nudge in closer and closed her eyes
On the afternoon of May 23rd i arrived home from work to Morty meowing so I grabbed a water bottle as I figured that was what he was wanting. I said lets go to your water dish and away he went. Little did I know he was walking me to Midge. He nudged her ever so gently and looked up at me , as I started to cry he was there to comfort me with his gentle purr. I picked up Midge to comfort and say my goodbyes in between the sobs.
Less than a week later I have my Midge back for her final resting place. She will always have that soecial place in my heart as my pets are like family.
Thank you gateway for providing such good service and prompt as well.

Landon, May 2018

Thank you Gateway……Oreo (May 2005 – April 2018)

Thank you Gateway for taking such good care of our little Oreo for us. She left us so suddenly on April 30, 2018. After taking her to our vet that morning, she passed within three hours from an enlarged heart. She died at home peacefully surrounded by all of us. It was so hard to have to take her little body back to our vet and leave without her. I felt like my heart was being torn from my chest. It was such a relief to us that you had her back home with us so quickly, it gave us much comfort. We picked out the cherrywood urn with a place to hold a picture of Oreo. When we picked up Oreo's ashes at our vet the wooden urn and box it came in was so beautiful. It was a nice surprise that her name was added on the urn.
Thank you all so much for all you have done to ease some of our pain......🐾
Bridget, Junior, and Baby (Oreo's big sister).

Sagolili, May 2018

Thank you so very much

Thank you Gateway for looking after our little "Lucky". Having her back home so quickly was truly a relief and has put my mind at ease. Her little Urn and Paw Print will be cherished forever. Many many thanks for the good service your provide.

McCarthy, Apr 2018